I'm Jennifer, Founder of Keck Marketing. I fell in love with foreign languages the day I took my first Spanish class in high school. Yet when I graduated from college with a B.A. in Spanish, I had no idea where my degree would take me. I started out as a freelance translator, and quickly discovered I'm better suited to writing.

When I became a copywriter at a boutique agency a few years later, I learned that with the right angle, any topic can be engaging. I also got to tap into my analytical side by tracking metrics and making recommendations. I came to enjoy helping clients grow their businesses through the art of copy and the science of data. And I've carried that love of new (and sometimes unusual) topics and the desire to help others succeed into my own business today.

CORE COMPETENCIES: • Content Strategy • Copywriting • Editing • Editorial • B2B & B2C Marketing • Email Marketing • Social Media • SEO/SEM • Web analytics



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